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Hello Stranger

2My name is Olga Oreshyna and I would like to introduce myself as a Canadian  artist who is deeply passionate about woodworking. The source of my inspiration comes from abandoned pieces of wood.  In my imagination I give them a second chance of the life. All wood for my works were already used before. I hope this is my small contribution to green building. Rather than cutting down trees to get the needed material, reusing wood is just as good if not better.

This is my way of making a difference, at the same time I’m sharing a positive message on how we can recycle and reuse in creative ways.

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Contemporary wood art.

 My artworks reflect my contribution to make our fragile environment more healthy and beautiful. So much plastic, metal, concrete surround us in our everyday life. Creating these amazing wooden structures I feel huge energy coming over my hands.

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Contemporary Wooden Art

I wish people could see the beauty of nature, energy and warmth of the sun in every piece of wood I use. As for me, it’s like a hidden treasure which I discover almost every day.I want to make any space they inhabit warm, comfortable and stylish at the same time.

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Eco Art. Gallery 1313. Toronto

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CondoBox. Interior Design Boutique. Toronto

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CondoBox. Interior Design Boutique. Toronto

More my works


Wood Art, Urban Art, Cottage Art, Loft Art, Contemporary Wall Art

Artemano, Toronto.

Artemano, a decade-old Quebec company that sells ethically- and sustainably-sourced furnishings. Owners Shimon Finkelstein and Eyal Shoam source handmade wood products in South and Southeast Asia and ship them to Canada for a final tweak to suit a Western design aesthetic. The resulting pieces, which highlight the wood’s grain, knots and indentations, are rustic, exotic and have minimalist shapes that belong in modern homes”. (Toronto Life)

Wood Art, Urban Art, Cottage Art, Loft Art, Contemporary Wall Art

Artemano, Toronto.

Renewal and regeneration are pillars of the Artemano philosophy. On a constant search for new ways to reveal the timeless beauty of old wood, Artemano rescues the wood from old Indonesian fishing boats, railway ties – or sleepers – from India, old construction wood from Thailand, as well as salvaged drift wood and storm-felled trees. Furniture crafted from reclaimed wood is steeped in history and character, breathing new life into the old. And the cycle continues.

Wood Art, Urban Art, Cottage Art, Loft Art, Contemporary Wall Art

Artemano, Toronto

Wabi-sabi is a Japanese philosophy that includes the acceptance and appreciation of simplicity, the ordinary, and the imperfect and it can be described as finding beauty in things that are impermanent and incomplete. Wabi-Sabi is an aesthetic, a state of mind, a mix of emotions, and a way of perceiving life . . . the acceptance of the cycles of change, including life and death.

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Contemplation. Wabi Sabi Art.

Wabi-sabi concept remind me that we are all transient beings on this planet, that our bodies, as well as the material world around us, are in the process of returning to dust. Through Wabi-sabi, I learn to embrace the beauty of the old and the mystical, where the presence of cracks and scratches are considered to be symbolic of the passing of time, weather…I love it, it so perfectly fits how I like to work and create. I have always been drawn to weathered objects that have character, that symbolise a sense of timelessness and history, each with their own story and season. I find this practice to be a beautiful, meditative one that brings me great calm and peace.

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Old Barn. Wabi Sabi wood art.

Art of acoustic diffusers

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Art of acoustic diffusers


Commissioned artwork for a private collection.

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Art of Acoustic Treatment

Happy Canada Day

Come to see my new artworks at Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition on July 4,5,6 at Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto City Hall. Booth#H26

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Canadian Flag on Recycled Wood.

TOAE, Art Toronto

Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. 2014

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